Who are the Quakers?


"Seek to know an inward stillness, even amid the activities of daily life"

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The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) began in 1652. We believe that there is something of God in everyone, so we try to respond to all people in a way that lives out that belief.  That means treating everyone with respect, whatever their beliefs, race, age or gender.


Quakers feel that it is good to have a faith that you put into practice and work towards making this world a better place.  Quakers have always been involved in helping slaves, prisoners, the mentally ill, refugees, war casualties and many others.

Responding to that of God in everyone means we will always work towards peaceful solutions rather than resort to war or violence.


Quaker Meetings for Worship are open to everyone. No pressure will be put on you if you want to come and find out about us. There are nearly 500 meetings in the UK and eight in the West Weald Area of Surrey and Sussex.

We are inclusive and open to all.  In our meetings we hope to find acceptance, support, challenge, practical help and a sense of belonging to a community which worships, shares and joins in activities together.


We place a special value on truth, equality, simplicity and peace and sustainability.  These values lead Quakers to translate our faith into action by working locally and globally for social justice, to support peacemakers and care for the environment.

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