Introducing some Quaker Books

If you are new to Quakers and love reading, you might like to consider our book suggestions below. There are a wealth of books about Quakerism, but these are titles aimed at newcomers to Quakers. You can buy online from the Quaker Centre Bookshop or phone them on 020 7663 1030.

Alternatively you may find your local Quaker Meeting has some of these books in their Library and will be happy to let you borrow them for free. 


By Britain Yearly Meeting
Price: £14.00 (hardback) or £7.00 (paperback)

This book of Quaker faith and practice is an attempt to express Truth through the vital personal and corporate experience of Friends. You are welcome to browse the online version of "QFP". The book is largely composed of extracts: a fitting way of expressing the breadth of Quaker theology. It also describes the current structures of Britain Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends.



(Contained within Quaker Faith and Practice) 

Price: £0.00 Free

Advices and Queries are an important reminder of the insights of the Society. Advices and Queries are not a call to increased activity by each individual Friend but a reminder of the insights of the Society. Within the community there is a diversity of gifts. We are all therefore asked to consider how far the advices and queries affect us personally and where our own service lies.

If you are not ordering any other books, please order your copy/copies of this book by emailing


Author: Quaker Quest
ISBN: 0 954345924
Price: £2.50

What is worship? It is our response to an awareness of God. The worship of Quakers is simple, waiting together in the silence and stillness. What is seen as important is the spirit in which you live and how worship helps you to help others. Seeking after God is not to escape from the world but to find the power to heal it.

Twelve Friends write of their experience of worship. These contributions are not religious essays but rather recordings that have the authentic voice of personal experience based within the worshipping community. The meeting for worship is at the heart of the Quaker way: all else is an outcome of that experience. Those wondering about the Quaker way, and what motivates its followers, should find these twelve honest accounts helpful.

The "Twelve Quakers and..." series now covers 10 titles: God, Faith, Worship, Pacifism, Jesus, Simplicity, Evil, Equality, Truth and Prayer.




By Ben Pink Dandelion
Price: £2.50

This pocket-sized book celebrates the Quaker way and affirms the wonderful riches of the Quaker tradition in Britain, and the Quaker "Liberal tradition" more widely. I s a book for Quakers rather than about them. It talks of "us" and "we" and is for insiders. It is a devotional book, for us.

The 2nd edition includes additional text in a slightly larger sized book. 


By Geoffrey Durham


Being a Quaker: A Guide for Newcomers is the first substantial introduction to the practical faith of British Quakers to be published in over ten years. Geoffrey Durham has drawn on his own experience and that of many other Friends to create a warm, open and incisive exploration of Quakerism today.

 A light that is shining


By Harvey Gillman
Price: £5.00

The most popular introduction to the Quakers in Britain. It tells something of their religious convictions, their form of worship, and their political and social insights. The light that guided them at their origins in the mid-seventeenth century, still shines among them today.