Introduction to Quaker Worship

Quaker Meeting for Worship is central to Quakerism and this revolves around silent unprogrammed worship.

“Worship is our response to an awareness of God.  We can worship alone, but when we join with others in expectant waiting we may discover a deeper sense of God’s presence.  We seek a gathered stillness in our meetings for worship so that all may feel the power of God’s love drawing us together and leading us.”  

8. Advices and Queries 

Everyone is welcome to come to a meeting for worship regardless of belief. You will be welcomed at the door of the Meeting House and may be offered an explanatory leaflet.  The seating will be facing a table in the centre of the room with some books on it, including Quaker Faith and Practice, the Bible and Advices and Queries.  If you feel that any of these books might help you during worship then just pick one up and sit and consider a piece from it.

Worship starts as soon as the first person enters the room. We do not have a priest so there will not be a person to introduce worship.  Sit comfortably.   We are seeking that still centre so this period is called centring down.  It may be helpful to recall the phrase “Be still, and know that I am God.”  Book of Psalms 46.10. and think Be as you breathe in and still as you breathe out to help to clear your mind and ease you into the stillness.

One of the worshipers may feel moved to stand and speak.  We call this ministry.  Ministry is best if it is quite short and a period of reflection follows.  It is like a pebble being dropped into still water, the words gently rippling outwards through to whole.  Ministry might well include one of the Advices or Queries, which are printed in Quaker Faith and Practice.


Meeting for Worship lasts for about an hour and will end when two Quakers shake hands, after which everyone either joins or shakes hands with each other.

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