My personal journey....

....local Quakers share their experiences

"I found Quakers at a time when I was dealing with some personal challenges. I like Quakers ' simplicity, silent reflection, its non discriminating, non ceremonial approach, and that "God" is in everyone and each person's experience is valid."

Kam, Dorking

"As a peace worker I feel that my deep desire to put my faith into action is a key source of inspiration and I'm very happy to work with The Christian Muslim Forum. I started attending Friends when I found myself in a spiritually dark place - going to Quakers gave me the opportunity to rediscover what was important to me."

Daniel Edge

"I’m a birthright Quaker and grew up in the Blue Idol.
It was the best upbringing for an only child and my earliest memories are in the historic meeting house.
Being a Quaker has been a spiritual and personal support."

Hayley Curtis

"I've always asked myself, "is this all there is, then?" always felt there must be something real behind it all.  So in my teens I toured the Churches, looking for God.
I then sojourned happily in Catholicism but later felt boxed in by it.  For a unifying and universal meaning of things, do we look outside ourselves, or within - or both?  Buddhism has helped with that.   I have now long been settled, and supported, in a Community that is the Religious Society  of Friends.  No creed, no compulsory belief system: just seekers with a shared set of values to be applied in everyday life. That's enough for me."

Len Roberts, Oxted

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