Welcome to Ifield Quakers

Our Meeting for Worship is held at 10.30 am on Sundays.

Some other activities of Ifield Friends:

  • our account is with Triodos Bank;
  • we have a daytime discussion group which meets every six weeks - contact the clerk;

Peace and Social Witness:

  • we write to or contact MPs and the press on these issues;
  • we take part in the Crawley InterFaith Network;
  • we are linked with other churches through Churches Together in West Crawley;
  • we support the
    • Campaign Against the Arms Trade,
    • United Nations Association:
    • Crawley Campaign Against Racism;
    • Crawley Council for Voluntary Service among others.


  • we are a Fairtrade Church;
  • we make every effort to save energy both as a Meeting and as individuals.

5 Langley Lane, Ifield, Crawley,
West Sussex, RH11 0NB

Contact:  the clerk - Norman Birch
- on 01444 483933

Thanks to the hard work of our builders and the advice of our professionals, we were able to finish the scheduled work on our North Wall (plus work on the sundry other problems that came to light in 2015).  But that turned out to be Phase 1 of the big Ifield Restoration Project, because when the builders started to investigate some bulging plaster on the Library West Wall, which we now know was part of the 1480 cottage of Robert Robinson, the blacksmith who sold the land to Quakers in 1676 for the Meeting House, it quickly became obvious that the the timber frame it covered was in a very poor state of repair.

Many of the beams and posts were rotten, the sole plate had disintegrated, and the joints between the cross members connecting the posts were gaping.  The result was that the whole of the West Wall, on which the Horsham stone roof and the attic room over the Library rested, was no longer upright - hence the bulging plaster.  The builders propped the wall

Rotten beam

immediately while our experts retired to consider how to deal with the problem, and while we waited for the necessary listed building planning consent.  We were assured that we "were still in time to save the building" and that, although the damage had been caused by water ingress, it was "historic" and that now everything was dry and the roof was sound.

West side of the cottage at Ifield

So in March 2016 our builders started work on Phase 2, the repair of the West Wall.  They are making excellent progress; the beams and posts have been repaired with new oak, the sole plate replaced, and damp proof brick footings have now been provided to protect the timber posts from our rising water table.  Then the original lath and plaster will be restored on one side of the wall and a new fire wall built on the other.

All the work being done to our Grade I listed building is being closely monitored and approved by the Crawley Planning Department and our expert advisors, and everyone has been conscious of not just the need to save the building but to keep costs down, but although Ifield Friends had already been able to make a contribution of some £89,600 towards the total cost through donations, grants and an interest-free loan from the Friends Meeting House Fund, we are still a long way short of the total estimate for both phases of the work of £197,500.  We have gratefully accepted the offer of a loan from our Area Meeting to cover the cash-flow for Phase 2, and all Ifield Friends are still shaking collection boxes.

July 2016

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